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I would like to list what instances of SQL 2005 Server (Express Editon) are installed on local or remote machine (my app is in Native C++). I found that i can make it by SQLDMO, however it seems that SQLDMO does not see SQL 2005 Express Edition and call to ListAvailableSqlServers returns empty list.

How can i make it? Playing with system registry is an extreme solution and applies only for local machines.

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Got it... Found SQLBrowseConnect. Answer is as usual in MSDN :-)

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You can try SqlDataSourceEnumerator.GetDataSources(). Works well in C# and VB.Net though I haven't tried it from C++.

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Thanks. I checked that method but it is available since .NET 2.0 and this version of framework is unreachable to me. I work with VS2003. –  Marcin May 5 '09 at 17:05

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