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I'm looking for a little info on how to use TFS's Build Quality to control our build and deployment process. Say I have following linear deployment pipeline

(Check in) -> Build -> run unit test -> run integration test -> release to xx environment -> release to yy environment

The first 3 steps are part of the CI process (either a single team build or 3 individual) and the last 2 are manually triggered events.

My questions is rather broad - but can I use Build Quality to control my deployment pipeline within the same changeset. A little like how ThoughtWorks GO works

enter image description here

So lets say that unit- and integration tests went through and the application is ready for release to environment xx (manually). Can I use the build quality feature to deploy the corresponding changeset to environment xx? I haven't seen any good approach for creating a deployment pipeline or application life cycle management with TFS. Any thoughts?

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Try to use TFSDeployer.

Project description: TFS Deployer enables the Team Build's Quality field in Team Foundation Server to be used to trigger a PowerShell script to be executed to automatically deploy a build to multiple environments.

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I've read a little about and it may suit some of the needs. I'll try and install it and take it for a test run. – jaspernygaard Nov 28 '11 at 19:58

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