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Possible Duplicate:
Default Number of Decimal Places to Output in PHP

basically a bit of a maths problem,

$average_ppm = $total_points_given / $totalvalue;

$average_ppm now equals 2.432608695652174, I don't want to display these numbers, I just need $average_ppm to be 2.43, so to a fixed 2 decimal points. How can I do this??

Thanks for anyones time.

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Use sprintf if you want a string output, or round/floor/ceil for a numeric value:

$average_ppm = 2.432608695652174;

echo sprintf("%.2f", $average_ppm); // 2.43

$approx_average_ppm = round($average_ppm, 2);
echo $approx_average_ppm; // 2.43

echo floor($average_ppm, 2); // 2.43 , even if $average_ppm = 2.439
echo ceil($average_ppm, 2); // 2.44
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but I don't want to echo these numbers, I just want the variable value to be to the 2 decimal points?. – user969729 Nov 24 '11 at 12:57
@user969729 Already updated ;) If you want to get a string, use sprintf, if you want to get a number, use round. Both can be stored in variable values as well as printed out. – phihag Nov 24 '11 at 12:58
thanks very much! works fine. – user969729 Nov 24 '11 at 13:17

If you want to have ALWAYS 2 numbers after... you can do it with number_format:

number_format(2.43260869565217, 2); // 2.43

When you got a number like: 2.400054846 and you use round you will get 2.4 and if you want it with 2 number behind you can use number_format this will output 2.40

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You could use the bcmath functions if they are available where the third argument is the precision

$average_ppm = bcdiv($total_points_given, $totalvalue, 2);

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You could either use sprintf, round or floor/ceil depending on how you want the numbers rounded.

Most suited for your need would be round:

$average_ppm = round($total_points_given / $totalvalue,2);
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I would use Round:

round($average_ppm, 2);
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