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I have two TextViews that displays numbers from 1-6, I need to make a if statement thats like this:

if (x < y)
do this
do ths

But it says that I cant use < and > for TextViews so I guess I have to make them into "int". How do I do that?

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nobody will understand what is your problem, post some sample code. Also the <and> operator is && –  mihail Nov 24 '11 at 13:03

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Use hashCode() method.

if (x.getText().toString().hashCode() < y.getText().toString().hashCode())
do this
do this

You should have to use Integer.parseInt() method to parse the number.

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You should try something like this to get intger of textview

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x=Integer.parseInt(xTextView.getText().toString()) do similarly for yTextView. So that u will get 2 integers which u can compare

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The < and > operators in Java only work for numeric types and boxed numeric types. A TextView is most certainly not one of these.

There are ways to turn the contents of a text view into a number.

Indeed there are many different ways to do this, starting with parsing the TextViews content string as an integer or floating point, through taking the string's length, or its X or Y coordinate ... or its identity hashcode!

But the bottom line is that you have to write the code to do the conversion. Java won't try to guess which of the many possibilities that you might mean.

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Ok, is it possible to use something else in XML to diplay numbers? –  Edalol Nov 24 '11 at 13:09
Your comment doesn't make sense. You don't use '<' or '>' in XML to "display" numbers. And your question isn't even about XML. –  Stephen C Nov 25 '11 at 4:39
I meant that I should use something else instead of TextView when making the layout in XML. –  Edalol Nov 26 '11 at 16:04

Use Integer.parseInt(tv1.getText().toString()) to convert your textview object's text to integer. Do this for all 6 values and assign them to integer variables.

You may now compare these integer variables to work further.

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