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I use JQuery UI combobox widget on same page with jQuery Menu (filament group

When I run page I get this error:

Unable to get value of the property 'zIndex': object is null or undefined

I believe this is a conflict between these two plugins.

Has anyone else got the same error and solved the problem?

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Not an answer, but the conflict makes sense; under the hood the autocomplete plugin uses a menu widget. Not surprising that the two conflict. – Andrew Whitaker Nov 24 '11 at 13:55

I have just solved this problem. Change "menu" at $ inside plugin, to another word. I changed it to $.fn.menux. Then change calling functions conveniently, like:

    content: $('#flat').next().html(), // grab content from this page
    showSpeed: 400

    content: $('#hierarchy').next().html(),
    crumbDefaultText: ' '

    content: $('#hierarchybreadcrumb').next().html(),
    backLink: false

// or from an external source
$.get('menuContent.html', function (data) { // grab content from another page
    $('#flyout').menux({ content: data, flyOut: true });
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