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I'm currently writing a Linux kernel module, and I need to handle va_list in one of my functions, which looks like:

void blah(int flag, va_list va) {
    if (flag & BLAH_1) {
        printk(... va here ...); // where I need the printk() with va_list support

So I need a printk()-like function which supports varargs. Like vprintf() to printf().

I Google'd for vprintk, but had no luck finding it.

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You can always use vsnprintf() to format a va_list into a buffer, and pass that buffer to printk().

However, a vprintk() function seems to exist in the kernel (in printk.c, line 643).

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Oh, thanks! Never realized that I could use vsnprintf(), though I need to take care of the buffer size :) –  Santa Zhang Nov 24 '11 at 14:12

Yes, it is possible and the function you have to use is vprintk(format string, va_list); You dont have to think of the buffer size. Just simply use it as of printk.

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