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I have a string variable with content as follows:

varMessage =   

            "call::myFunction(int const&)\n"
            "void::secondFunction(char const&)\n"

in above string i have to find a sub string i.e.


"call::myFunction(int const&)\n"

How can I find it? I just need to determine whether the substring is present or not.

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@bronislav This question is still helpful for those of us who have forgotten the exact name in Ruby, and know that a Google will be faster than digging through the documentation. Besides, we were all newbies once. –  Nick May Sep 5 '13 at 19:29

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You can use the include? method:

my_string = "abcdefg"
if my_string.include? "cde"
   puts "String includes 'cde'"
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Remember that include? is case sensetive. So if my_string in the example above would be something like "abcDefg" (with an uppercase D), include?("cde") would return false. You may want to do a downcase() before calling include?(). –  phortx Mar 25 '14 at 7:58

If case is irrelevant, then a case-insensitive regular expression is a good solution:

'aBcDe' =~ /bcd/i  # evaluates as true

This will also work for multi-line strings.

See Ruby's Regexp class.

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You can also do this...

my_string = "Hello world"

if my_string["Hello"]
  puts 'It has "Hello"'
  puts 'No "Hello" found'

# => 'It has "Hello"'
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Ternary way

my_string.include?('ahr') ? puts 'String includes ahr' : puts 'String not includes ahr'
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