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I'm writing a bootsector for a FAT12 file system on a 1.44MB floppy disk using nasm x86 assembly. When computer boots from this floppy disk to real mode, its bootsector will load a second stage file, ex. STAGE2.SYS, for simplicity, STAGE2.SYS is a bin file. Anyone know an example bootsector which is written in nasm x86 assembly that do exactly what i described?

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Here is a link which will help you EXACTLY on what you are looking for:

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Check out the one here, in the zip's '_boot' folder.

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You should take a look at the MikeOS bootloader. You can find it here:

You'll just have to change the kernel name in the data section:

kern_filename   db "KERNEL  BIN"


kern_filename   db "STAGE2  BIN"

Don't forget that FAT12 has file names in the 8.3 format!

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