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I have what I think should be a simple task - but it's causing me a real headache.

I've added a resource route to my app using -

resources :cars

I want the user to be able to edit a car by going to


In the edit action of the controller -

@donor = Donor.find_by_name(params[:car])

This page shows by setting up a named route -

match "/:car" =>"cars#edit", :as => :car

However when I try and submit the form on that page I get an error?

How can I set up the show action to have a named route to correspond with the edit route?

My desired show url would be something like

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if you are not using the RESTfull routes, why are you using resource in your routes? –  phoet Nov 24 '11 at 17:58
Perhaps I don't understand restful routes properly? I assumed that changing a name of a route didn't effect restful principles. Am I wrong? If so, can you point me towards an article that would teach me otherwise? –  Finnnn Nov 25 '11 at 23:41

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In routes.rb

match "/:car" =>"cars#edit", :as => :edit_car
match "/:car/savecomplete" =>"cars#show", :as => :savecomplete

In cars_controller.rb update action

format.html { redirect_to(savecomplete_path(@car) }
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