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I am very new to android, I know we can use resource strings to store values, but is it possible to change those values at run time. for example I added two new resource elements username and password, i want to change this values at run time. or is there any alternate way to store values.

Lots of thanks!

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String resources are absolutely static defined, you can't change their values. Use SharedPreference which is to store your data and you can change, update or do whatever to suit your needs.

Here a sample for using SharedPreference: How to use SharedPreferences in Android to store, fetch and edit values

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strings.xml are for constant strings only. Their values can change automatically when the phone language changes provided that you have created several strings.xml files such as strings-us.xml, strings-fr.xml.

You can store username & password values in Preferences. They will be stored permanently with your application.

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