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It isn't really causing a problem but it is annoying me... Does anyone know how to refresh the locations for your user config in Visual Studio? When I click synchronize in the Project Properties --> Settings. I get the error message: No user.config files were found in any of the following locations. Those paths no longer exist so I know why the error message is coming up.

Any ideas? I did do a quick search in the registry for the paths but nothing was real obvious as to what I could delete. Perhaps it's something contained in a file in the solution?

Visual Studio 2008 Windows XP

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It's not an error, so much as a warning that "There were no files to delete, so nothing was actually done."

From "Synchronize button on the Settings tab":

The "Synchronize" button is used to remove the runtime-generated, application-specific user.config files from the disk. If your application doesn't have any user-scoped application settings(that means all the application settings' scope are "Application"), then there would not have a user.config file for the VS2005 IDE to delete after run-time.

You would use this button when you change the settings schema between debug sessions, so the versions don't get "out of sync" and cause errors reading from the settings file.

The warning would also, of course, happen the second time you click "Synchronize" in a row.

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I seem to have a problem reseting my settings even if clicking "Synchronize" button. This problem only occurs in Windows 8 OS, but I am not getting any problem in Windows 7. So instead of bumping your head on the wall, I'd like to share this.

Open File Explorer and press CTRL+D or click the bread crumbs bar, and enter "%appdata%" - go back one folder, and open "Local" folder and look for a folder the same name as your project or solution name... and delete that folder.

hope that helps.

-- update -- I'd like to point out that this problem was for Visual Studio 2012 running in Windows 8 .. sorry, didn't saw the date.. this is pretty old.

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My code on Windows 7 wouldn't run out of visual studio--crashed when trying to create the main form. This fixed that problem. The synchronize button still throws this error however. – Jeff Dec 1 '14 at 16:50

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