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In my main window, I have a child control(user control) which contains a text box . How can I handle the textchange event of the text box of child control in main(parent) window.

Please provide me some example with code as I am new to routing of events.

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You should just be able to hook the event from the parent control. But since your parent control doesn't have a TextChanged event of its own, you'll need to use attached-property syntax:

<Window ...

and in your codebehind:

private void ChildTextBoxChanged(object sender, TextChangedEventArgs args)

You don't have to put the TextBox.TextChanged= on the Window specifically -- just any control that's a parent of the TextBox, i.e., any control that's a parent of your UserControl. The event will bubble up to each parent in turn, all the way up to the top-level Window, and can get handled anywhere along the way.

(Note that if anyone hooks the event and sets e.Handled = true, the event won't bubble past that point. Useful to know if you have handlers at multiple levels.)

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+1 - there is an example of how to declare the event here: stevefenton.co.uk/Content/Blog/Date/201209/Blog/… – Sohnee Sep 20 '12 at 9:22

this also helped me. I will have a event in the container of the child control and define the event in the code behind file. The event will handle all the text changed events for all the children.

       <StackPanel TextBoxBase.TextChanged="test_TextChanged" Name="test">                                    
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Create a event in your childcontrol -

public event TextChangedEventHandler TextChanged;

now add a handler for TextChanged event of TextBox in childcontrol -

private void TextBox_TextChanged(object sender, TextChangedEventArgs args)
    if (TextChanged != null)
        TextChanged.Invoke(this, args);

also update XAML for this handler -

<TextBox ... TextChanged="TextBox_TextChanged" ... />

Now, you have created a event in your childcontrol that fires when the Textbox's textchanged fires.

Now you only to add a handler for this event in mainwindow -

private void ChildControl_TextChanged(object sender, TextChangedEventArgs args)
   //TODO: Add your further code here.
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