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Sahi allowed me to enter the desired functions into a spreadsheet and then it would run those functions. Different combinations would result in different scenarios.Can i do something similar using selenium? I want to pick and call tests/scripts/functions through an excel file. I am currently using the testng framework to get data from excel files.


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Please check out the following blog for a relative answer on using data provider using TestNG for Selenium.

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There is no out of the box support. Spock framework has an excellent support for data-driven tests. A combination of PageFactory, Spock and Selenium2/WebDriver can provide you more than what you are looking for.

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Sure, you could use a framework such as POI to read your Excel spreadsheet and return these values in a @DataProvider.

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+1 Exactly, @DataProvider annotation is used to implement data driven testing in selenium RC. We need to add reference to jxl jar library to read from excel sheet – user766038 Nov 26 '11 at 0:51

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