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Hello I've got the problem that when I just add a <DocumentViewer x:Name="docViewer" /> I get a toolbar what allow me to change the viewing mode of the XPS document like here: enter image description here

But how can I do this programmatically? I cant find any property that do this and the MSDN and Google say nothing about this feature. Then I found the FlowDocumentReader control what have a ViewingMode property, however it can't display a XPS document. I can't believe that it is not possible to do this, I mean that function is available by default, I just want to change it programmatically...

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DocuementViewer didn't exposed any property to change the ViewMode. But in case you want to change the ViewMode programmatically, you can execute the commands exposed by DocumentViewer which are as -

  • DocumentViewer.FitToWidthCommand
  • DocumentViewer.FitToHeightCommand
  • DocumentViewer.FitToMaxPagesAcrossCommand

You can bind these commands to your custom button or programmatically you can change the ViewMode. Suppose you have a DocuementViewer named documentViewer, you can call these methods on this instance like this -

  • documentViewer.FitToWidth()
  • documentViewer.FitToHeight()
  • documentViewer.FitToMaxPagesAcross()
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