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I installed git via Homebrew. I get command line completions via the script installed in


However I want my custom git-* scripts to be completed too.

How would I tack this on to existing git completions?

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I'll give you a couple of examples.

  • Adding completion for an alias

If you have an alias for pull like this one:

alias gp='git push'

then you can define the alias to use the same completion as git-push by doing.

compdef _git gp=git-push
  • Adding completion for a new command

This is a tougher one. Writing completion scripts for zsh is not trivial, you can take a look at the ones in this project for some guidance. For example, take a look at the completion script for git-wtf

  • Reuse existing completion, but modified

If you have a script to search in the log like this:

git log -S"$query" "$@"

You want to use the copmletion of git-log, with a small modification: You want to complete first for a search string and then use the usual options for git-log. Then you can use this:

_git-search () {
if (( CURRENT == 2 )); then
    _message "search string"


_git-search "$@"

EDIT: Also, to actually use your newly defined completion files, you have to add the directory where they are stored to the fpath

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