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I have the following directory layout:

 + static_lib1
 + executable
  • Both 'static_lib1' and 'executable' have a full CMakeLists so that they can be built independently.
  • The 'executable' depends on 'static_lib1'. It uses find_package() to locate 'static_lib1'.
  • The main_folder contains a CMakeLists that includes both 'static_lib1' and 'executable' via add_subdirectory for conveniently building the whole project in one go.

Everything works fine if I manually build 'static_lib1' and then 'executable'. But when running the CMakeLists from the main folder, I get an error because find_package is unable to find the library files from 'static_lib1' which have not yet been built.

How can I resolve this while keeping the CMakeLists files separate (i.e. without including the static_lib's CMakeLists from the executable's CMakeLists)?

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In executable's CMakeLists.txt you can check if you are building stand-alone or as part of project:

  # stand-alone build
  target_link_libraries(executable static_lib1)
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Thanks! This works quite nice with Makefiles, but I'm having trouble finding the right directories with MSVC. The different profiles (Debug/Release/etc) end up in different target directories and I could not find a reliable way to identify those. I tried using the debug/optimized qualifiers in target_link_libraries but they do not allow to discern e.g. between the Release and MinSizeRel profiles. Any suggestions what to do here? –  ComicSansMS Nov 28 '11 at 21:24
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