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I have been trying to use MSP GCC compiler. I have written a makefile for single file and able to compile and flash in the MSP430 device.

I don't know how to write makefile for many source files in different folder inter dependent with each other.

I am developing a serial deriver folder and file structure is as follows


Can any give some ideas to write make files for this project and how to expand in future bigger projects.

Thanks and Regards Ashok Kumar P

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One option is to add makefile in each directory and from the parent makefile you can call each makefile with -C option.

for eg:

in App directory you can have your makefile and from the makefile in serial_driver

you can have a statememt

make -C ./App

this statement will execute the makefile in App directory

Similarly you can call all the makefiles in the sub directories in this manner.

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files in App dirrectory is depend with files in other directories. how to link all the files. – user1064372 Nov 25 '11 at 11:46

What I use is rake (Ruby make) instead of make (I HATE make, it's so frustrating and debugs like crap)

I have a sample rake system here, where I have small projects inside my workspace. Each project's Rakefile references a Rakefile.include file on the same level as the project folders, where all the magic happens. It's pretty well documented if you want to take a look at it. It's customized for the Launchpad, but can be changed to anything. There's also a complete guide to install the latest version of mspgcc.

The cool thing is that you can do

rake mcu=msp430g2553
rake install

And it will compile all the source files in your project (including subfolders and sub-subfolders and so on) for that specific version of the msp430, and install it on the Launchpad. (Installation on the Launchpad is done with mspdebug)

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