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I have an array of node IDs with which loop through and run node_load($nid) to retrieve the data for each of those nodes. Take for example the below code- that's roughly how it works at the moment.

foreach( $node->field_flights['und'] as $flight ):
    $flightNode = node_load($flight['nid']);

    echo $flightNode->title;

What I want to achieve is to load the node, then be able to do something along the lines of echo render($flightNode); so that it loads the template file for that node and I can render the $title_suffix variable in the node template which has been loaded.

I've tried the following to no avail. Nothing is output at all.

$flightNode = node_load($flight['nid']);
$builtFlightNode = node_build_content( $flightNode );
echo render( $builtFlightNode );

If anyone can provide any insight into this that'd be much appreciated.

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You can use node_view() to prepare the render array. For performance it might be wise to consider using node_load_multiple() (and it's counterpart node_view_multiple()) like this:

$nids = array();
foreach($node->field_flights['und'] as $flight):
  $nids[] = $flight['nid'];

$flight_nodes = node_load_multiple($nids);

$view_mode = 'teaser'; // could also be 'full'
$views = node_view_multiple($flight_nodes, $view_mode);

// Renders all nodes in one go
echo render($views);

If that doesn't fit in with what you're doing though this should work on a node by node basis:

foreach($node->field_flights['und'] as $flight):
  $flight_node = node_load($flight['nid']);
  $view = node_view($flight_node, $view_mode);
  echo render($view);

If you need to modify the content before it's rendered, you can just step through the $views or $view arrays and change what you need to before running it through render(). If you just want a particular part of the node content rendered, again just step through the array and apply render to the particular sub-array you're interested in.

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The first option is actually the best thing since sliced bread. Except for the small error btw, $nodes should be $flight_nodes. Learned something new and massively useful. Thanks – Ben Swinburne Nov 24 '11 at 17:50
My bad thanks for the heads up (i've fixed the error) :) – Clive Nov 24 '11 at 17:52
I really appreciated this code also. I have node types sermon and sermon_series. I wanted to use the series image on each sermon page. This helped me accomplish it. I added the assumption that you can use render on the newly loaded node in the same way as the $content and was able to render just a field from the node. print render($sermon_series['field_sermon_series_image']); – flickerfly Mar 19 '12 at 0:23

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