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My goal is to debug HaXe application in Eclipse (publishing SWF) on Linux. I have manually installed Eclipse Helios, Flash debugger version and HaXe. I have installed Eclihx. Problem is that I'm getting message from Eclipse:

Flash debug runner. This feature isn't ready!

Note: I can run program, so HaXe compiling works. I have also tried adding -D and -debug to hxml. I've been Googling out there, but no success.

And also, I don't know how to setup Eclipse so when I do run that automatically browser pops up with html.

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If the debugger already works with eclipse, you might just need to include -D fdb as a compile flag – Waneck Dec 6 '11 at 13:57

From what I know, it's not currently possible to debug haXe from Eclipse. However, you could compile a debug haXe build and and use Adobe's fdb.exe, which is the command line debugger for Flash. With it, you should be able to set breakpoints and do some run-time state inspection. Hope this helps!

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