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What's a good way to find the uid/gid for a given username or groupname using Python? I need to set file ownership with os.chown and need the integer ids instead of the alphabetic.

[Quick note]: getpwnam works great but is not available on windows, so here's some code that creates stubs to allow you to run the same code on windows and unix.

    from pwd import getpwnam
    getpwnam = lambda x: (0,0,0)
    os.chown = lambda x, y, z: True
    os.chmod = lambda x, y: True
    os.fchown = os.chown
    os.fchmod = os.chmod
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Use the pwd and grp modules:

from pwd import getpwnam  

print getpwnam('someuser')[2]
# or
print getpwnam('someuser').pw_uid
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Excellent, thanks. I'd missed the pwd module somehow. –  Parand May 5 '09 at 17:44

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