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If I execute

cmd /c "%programfiles%\mycode\md5sums.exe" %temp%

it works just fine. But when I execute

cmd /c "%programfiles%\mycode\md5sums.exe" %programfiles%

I get below error-

Error: Unable to read file/directory C:\Program

which means that md5sums.exe is trying to open C:\Program as opposed to full path given by %programfiles%

I've to use cmd /c as I've to run this command remotely.

How do I make it work? I've tried using `"%programfiles%" but in this case even md5sums.exe is not getting executed.

Eventually I would like to use switch "/b" provided by md5sums.exe but at this point of time I am stuck at even making md5sums run on %programfiles%

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I just made it work by using "cmd /c "%programfiles%\mycode\md5sums.exe" %programfiles%" now.. I am stuck at how to apply /b switch to md5sums.exe? – user837208 Nov 24 '11 at 18:00
sorry... I meant how do I add -b switch? – user837208 Nov 24 '11 at 18:11
Add it as another argument between the two existing arguments to /c, e.g. cmd /c "md5sum" "-b" "%programfiles%" – Sorpigal Nov 25 '11 at 18:00

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cmd /c "%programfiles%\mycode\md5sums.exe" "%programfiles%"
                                           ^--------------^--quotes added

Otherwise, you end up with something like:

cmd /c "C:\Program Files\mycode\md5sums.exe" C:\Program Files

and end up passing two arguments to md5sums, not a single path.

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you need a double double quote at start and end e.g.:

cmd /c ""%programfiles%\mycode\md5sums.exe" "%programfiles%""

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