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So I've been looking for a way to make users have the option to secure the app I'm working on since it contains sensitive information within it. I'm having a lot of issues implementing this due to all the possible cases within the app (coming from different screens, loading from home screen to different activities, issue when you call finish() and it goes back to top activity on stack etc)...

So I started researching for an API that handles this, and I can't really find anything. It seems an incredibly complex thing for our application.


1) is there an API out there that can help me with this issue?


2) Is there a way to make it that every time the user closes the App, it clears the stack of Activities, so that when they re-open the app it always goes to the Default activity of the App?


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What do you mean under "user closes the App"? –  Arhimed Nov 24 '11 at 19:12
I mean that, every time they hit the home button, they are taken to the main screen, and when that happens is it possible to clear the Activity stack and bring them back to the main Activity when they open the app again? –  Sidious911 Nov 24 '11 at 20:26

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I am not sure I correctly understand the connection between "Login API" and what you describe you want to achieve after that. But I think you will find it useful to take a look at the different modes an Activity could be launched ("singleTask", "singleInstance" etc).

Also take a look at android:clearTaskOnLaunch and android:finishOnTaskLaunch. I think this will narrow down the "all the possible cases within the app".

Out of android:clearTaskOnLaunch:

When the value is "true", every time users start the task again, they are brought to its root activity, regardless of what they were last doing in the task and regardless of whether they used BACK or HOME to last leave it.

Out of android:finishOnTaskLaunch:

Whether or not an existing instance of the activity should be shut down (finished) whenever the user again launches its task (chooses the task on the home screen).

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