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I'm looking a library that has AES 256bit support with XTS block mode. The only one I found was Botan but it seems it is not possible to get to work with Qt and gcc without a lot of headaches..or perhaps not at all for now.

See post Qt does not work with Botan_v1.10.1 Libraries

I was wondering if some other libraries exist for C or C++ that can be used with gcc and Qt.

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The OpenSSL Changelog notes that version 1.1 added:

XTS support including algorithm test driver in the fips_gcmtest program.

Note: this does increase the maximum key length from 32 to 64 bytes but there should be no binary compatibility issues as existing applications will never use XTS mode.

I have used libcrypto (the crypto library in OpenSSL) several times successfully with Qt.

Just make sure that if your application is multi-threaded, you setup threading in libcrypto.

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OpenSSL version 1.1 does not seem to be available. The newest version downloadable on the OpenSSL site is 1.0.0e. (openssl.org/source) I realize that the changelog states 1.1.0 but for the life of me I can't find a way to get that version. – L123 Nov 25 '11 at 16:49

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