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I have a template class which implements function:

template<typename T>
class Matrix
void setItems(const T *tab)
    //writing content from tab to Matrix internal data 

Everything's fine until I want to create specialized function for char*, my class must allocate memory for string and so on. I wanted to use:

template<> void Matrix<char*>::setItems(const char** tab)

The problem is, this does not build:

template-id 'setItems<>' for 'void Matrix<char*>::setItems(const char**)' does not match any template declaration

I had no problem with specialized functions until now. What am I missing?

Additional info:
I must use char*

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If T is a char *, then const T * is a char *const *.

So your member function should be:

template<> void Matrix<char*>::setItems(char*const* tab)

It is fairly common to put the const after the type

void setItems(T const* tab)

which makes it a little more obvious what the expanded type is in your case.

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This solves my problem. I will remember about position of const. Thank you! –  Maciej Kucia Nov 24 '11 at 19:53

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