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I'm actually working with jQuery mobile 1.0 and the auto complete widget from jQuery UI. Everything works perfectly except one little thing :

When the user has been redirected (location.href) using the autocomplete feature, there is no back button on the page where he has been redirected.

I've set the $ to true in the mobileinit and the script is loaded before jQuery Mobile.

I didn't find any answer anywhere so this is why i'm asking to you guys

Thanks in advance

By the way sorry for the bad english it's not my first laguage

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How do you redirect the user to other page? With location.href? Then that's your problem, setting location.href causes a page refresh and then jQuery Mobile loses it's history (so it won't show the back button)

Please use $.mobile.changePage( url ) to switch to another page

Something like:

            select: function(event, ui) {

For simplicity I pass here the data in the querystring

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