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I am trying to use git-svn via mysysgit in front of an entreprise subversion repository. This svn repo uses the http protocol, and requires an Active Directory authentication. I can't read on the entire content of the repo, I am just authorized to see my team's projects.

So I am trying the following command :

$ git svn clone http://enterprise:12345/svn/my_team/my_project1/module1 module1 -s --prefix=svn/

where http...my_team is the base url I can access usually with an svn client.

And here is the response from Git :

Authentication realm http://enterprise:12345 Subversion repository needs authentication against AD Password for 'yanflea':

At this step I enter my password and… nothing relevant happens. It keeps warning me about the needed AD authentication, and asks me again and again for my username and password.

I read on several forums that in such a case, the option --no-minimize-url was required. I tried to add it in the command but it didn't change anything. I am surprised because people who explicitly encountered this issue had a more verbose warning than me. Something like

Using higher level of URL: path-to-repo/myrepo/myproject => path-to-repo/myrepo (http://stackoverflow.com/questions/1453416/git-svn-clone-checkouts-wrong-repo)

which indicates clearly that the --no-minimize-url could change something. In my case, first I don't have such a message, and second, the short url seems to be used whatever I add --no-minimize-url option or not. I really don't get it. Any advice is more than welcome.


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What does WWW-Authenticate say? After a few tests with git I have realized that is has crippled support for auth, especially in enterprise environments compared to svn. –  Michael-O Nov 26 '11 at 22:16

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I finally ended up using TortoiseGit, and it did work, strangely, while it sent basically the same command as I did. And now when I do it via msysgit again, it works fine without asking me my credentials anymore at all... The problem just disappeared... Not sure what I did wrong the first time. Not going to spend more time on this issue anyway.

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