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Basically if the title is to cryptic (i don't know how to make it sound right)

I want it to say there is a profile.php?id=1234 or something similar and basically have a database with posts that have an id that id corresponds to id=1234 so the posts have one database but go to a specific profile much like a chan and their boards.

I have pretty good knowledge of php and beginner at mysql im wondering how this can be done and i hope i this makes sense

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I am sorry, but this doesn't make much sense too me. Can you show an example (eg: a link)? – NullUserException Nov 24 '11 at 20:57

If I understand what you need:

WHERE user_id = yourid

where yourid could be $_GET["id"].
Naturally you MUST sanitize user input to avoid SQL Injection: never use user inupt directly in a query!!

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