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I want to find URL like following with preg_match.


This is how far I got:

preg_match_all('%http://www.website\.com\/(\w+)%', $string, $matches);

But I also want that it to get the random characters.

Thank you.

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preg_match_all('%http://www\.website\.com/(\w+)/(.*)\.html%', $string, $matches);

The above is assuming that you want to separate "THE_ID_WHICH_I_WANT" from the other random characters.

Example: http://regexr.com?2v9t7

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Thanks. Just the answer I was looking for. –  Helena Nov 24 '11 at 21:33

For matching anything it's customary to use .+ or the non-greedy .*?

You might want to use \S+ which matches anything that isn't a space character. And even then it might be too much. But you didn't really elaborate about the context in which you want to use it.

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