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i am trying to develop a very simple program for classifying and categorising documents using various algorithms. My problem, since i am a beginner is that i cannot find good articles or websites for simple tutorials of how to get started with it. I have read quite few resources and i have learnt a lot of things but each document,site etc i read it uses different techniques, it analyses the problem in different way, proposing different solutions etc. so i am getting confused. Is there any good resources that you can point me to in order to get started with actual implementation?

Also i am looking for actual test data and specifically documents that are categorised so i can "feed" my algorithms. Any help appreciated. Thanks.

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If you are programming in Java then this SO question might be of good help for you – GETah Nov 24 '11 at 22:31
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For Python, check out the scikit-learn tutorial on text classification. See also its demo script that runs dozens of different text classification algorithms (including Naive Bayes and SVMs) on the twenty newsgroups benchmark data set. [Disclaimer: I co-wrote these things.]

For Weka, here's a tutorial.

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thanks i am currently looking the dataset and it is pretty useful but since i program in Java the python examples seems so confusing. Also for WEKA i tried it before but it does not actually have proper documentation. The tutorial for WEKA is a but limited not saying much. Do you know any other Java methods or pointers to it? Thanks for you response. – skay- Nov 24 '11 at 22:44

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