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I have a form_for a comment. Comments belongs_to Issue. I have a comments form on my issue#show view, which is where my form_for is. I create the comment object @comment in my issue#show controller action. When i submit the form, it calls the comment#create controller action. However, I need a variable called :issue_id. I have issue_id in the issue#show view, and I can even set the @comment object to have issue_id. However, when it gets passed to the comments#create controller, the issue_id isn't being passed in the params[:comment] so when the comment gets created and saved, it's not there. Here are my files:

issue#show view:

<%= form_for @comment do |f| %>
    <%= render 'comment_fields', :f => f %>
    <%= f.submit "Submit" %>
<% end %>

issue#show controller:

  def show
    @issue = Issue.find(params[:id])
    @votes = Votership.where(:issue_id => @issue.id)
    @current_user_vote = @votes.where(:user_id => current_user.id).first
    @comment = Comment.new(:issue_id => @issue.id)

and the comments#create controller where the comment gets created:

  def create
    @comment = Comment.new(params[:comment])
    @comment.user = current_user
    redirect_to :back

I tried adding a hidden field in the form, but it kept creating a hash of values and the key would be the issue_id but I couldn't figure out how to set the value of the hidden field, which is weird. How do I do this correctly?

PS comments belong_to issues. issues has many comments. issues belongs_to apps. apps has many issues.

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I do not actually understand your complain but from what i understand you are trying to get the issue id to be saved with the comment. you should have a hidden field in your form like

<%= f.hidden_field :issue_id %>

if this is not the solution you need pls let me know so i can help again.

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oh my !!! I have been trying to get this to work for so long...this worked! thank you. now...is this the best way to do it? when i prepare the object for the form, it contains issue_id, is there a better way to pass that info to the comments#create controller actioN? –  Matthew Berman Nov 24 '11 at 23:14
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