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I'm porting working code from .NET4 to .NET2 (a WinCE device).

The usage of Action taking no arguments and returning no value isn't allowed in .NET2

compile error on line 5 below: Using the generic type 'System.Action' requires '1' type arguments

Workaround thoughts?

//first state is the default for the system
    public enum States { EnterVoucherCode, EnterTotalSale, ProcessVoucher };
    public enum Events { PressNext, PressRedeem, ProcessSuccess, ProcessFail, PressBackToVoucherCode };

    public States State { get; set; }

    private Action[,] fsm; //Fails to compile here

    public FiniteStateMachine()
        //array of action delegates
        fsm = new Action[3, 5] { 
        //PressNext,     PressRedeem,            ProcessSuccess,      ProcessFail,      PressBackToVoucherCode
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Indeed, Action was added in .NET 3.5.

However, Action is just an ordinary delegate type, so you could simply roll your own, like so:

public delegate void Action();
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