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I am using AS2 and I'm looking for a way to scale an MC from the center meaning that the width will expand equally on both sides.

For example .. If the movie clips needs to expand +10 then it would be +5 on the left and +5 on the right.

So, in order to simulate the movie clip going forward the position on the left would offset -5 then scale.

Hope this makes sense, if not just let me know.

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Where's the center pivot located? – felipemaia Nov 25 '11 at 0:36

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If all you care about is scaling, it's somewhat easy to do it:

var widthDiff : Number = newWidth - mc._width;
var heightDiff : Number = newHeight - mc._height;

var bounds:Object = mc.getBounds(this);
var moveXPerc : Number = (bounds.xMin / (bounds.xMin + bounds.xMax))-0.5;
var moveYPerc : Number = (bounds.yMin / (bounds.yMin + bounds.yMax))-0.5;
mc._width = newWidth;
mc._height = newHeight;
mc._x = mc._x + (moveXPerc * widthDiff);
mc._y = mc._y + (moveYPerc * heightDiff);
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When you create a new movie clip on the setup window you will see registration point. You need to choose which one in the center.

enter image description here

if you want to change the registration point dynamically then check this link

Additionally you shouol be careful about when you load a new object into MC then your new object 0,0 (topleft corner) will be equal to holder MC centre.

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