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We just installed svn at my office. TortoiseSVN works (with putty to do the ssh thing--sorry if this doesn't totally make sense, I'm a total svn newbie, I always used cvs). I found psvn for emacs, which seems to be pretty standard. When I tried running it, it said it couldn't find svn. So I downloaded the client from tigris.org--which actually redirected me to a place called CollabNet which had me register a username and password just to download the svn client--still don't know what that was all about.

Anyway. Looong story short: now emacs tells me "Can't create tunnel: The system cannot find the file specified." when I try to show the revision log on a file.

Can anyone tell me how to setup svn with emacs? It doesn't have to follow the steps above, I can start again. I just want a client that'll work with emacs.

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Found the following and it works:

Set the following environment variable (by right-clicking on My Computer, Properties, Advanced, Environment Variables, New):-

Variable name: SVN_SSH

Variable value: C:\\Program Files\\TortoiseSVN\\bin\\TortoisePlink.exe

(The "\\" is very important, otherwise it won't work. Equally, you cannot use the plink.exe that comes with putty as that fires up a command shell window which is really annoying. The TortoisePlink.exe is a windows implementation of plink that doesn't bring up any UI)

Source: http://www.woodwardweb.com/java/howto_configure.html

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If TortoiseSVN already works for you, try using "tortoise-svn.el"


Emacs Wiki - Version Control Category

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