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I am trying to do a standard bucketing of data in mysql: split the data along some characteristic into N buckets and assign the bucket number to each entry. The entries consist of date, permno and volume as follows:

dte, permno, volume, day_rank

1986-03-07, 10071, 9203, NULL

The table is titled bam. On each date (dte) there are many permnos (ids) that I would like to rank on the basis of volume. I would then like to assign the ranking for each permno, dte to day_rank. A successful query would thus rank the permnos for each dte based on volume. I am attempting to do this with this convoluted query:

 select a.dte, a.permno, count(b.volume) as rnk
 from bam a inner join bam b
 on a.dte = b.dte and (a.volume < b.volume or (a.permno=b.permno and a.volume =      b.volume))
 order by a.dte, a.volume;

This works however it is very very slow to the point where for a table that's reasonably sized it would take ~1 day to run.

Any ideas?

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