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I have an issue with setlocale() in PHP when using functions such as money_format().

In my localhost, such functions only work if my setlocale() value is en_GB. However, on my live server the same functions will only work if setlocale() is set to en_GB.UTF8.

So my question is: what causes the different requirements? As presently my configuration file has a dirty if/else statement to find what server it's being ran on and dynamically specifies the setlocale() value.

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Locales are constants defined by the system. Use locale -a to see allowed settings. In a way they are magic values. And it's an arcane scheme with no established/dependable standard for aliases/fallbacks. – mario Nov 25 '11 at 2:38
I ran locale -a in Terminal (my localhost is Mac) and found that Mac's name them with a hyphen in the UTF8 bit for some reason, so the value I wanted was actually en_GB.UTF-8. I've had a look a PHP's documentation on setlocale() and have this in my script now: <?php setlocale(LC_ALL, 'en_GB_UTF8', 'en_GB.UTF-8'); ?>. – Martin Bean Nov 25 '11 at 15:15
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what is the php version is there a diference ? diferent os ?

you can use this just change euro to what you need for money

setlocale(LC_ALL, array('en_GB.UTF8','en_GB@euro','en_GB','english'));
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