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In gitolite, I'd like to grant all write allowed users of any repo to RW+CD to their personal branch. In other words: Whoever is allowed to RW a project should be allowed to create branches, but only in their personal namespace.

I understand that I can basically do this like this:

    repo    some-repo
            RW+CD   = admin
            RW  = foo frob
            R   = bar
            RW+CD dev/USER/ = foo frob #admin

but that means that I would have to essentially duplicate the user list for every repo. While this is okay for a small amount of repos it definitely gets ugly once the number of repos or users rises.

I thought about something like this:

    repo    @all
            RW+CD dev/USER/ = @all

But that seems to give at least read access to all users on all projects, even if they wouldn't have read rights there otherwise.

What is the best solution for this?

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One solution would be to manage those branches within individual repo per user, using wildcard repo or "wildrepo":

As detailed in "user gitolite doc":

Note that "CREATOR" is a reserved word that gets expanded to your userid in some way, so the admin can literally add just the first two lines, and every authenticated user now has his own personal repo namespace, starting with pub/<username>/

The first two lines mentioned here are:

repo pub/CREATOR/..*
    RW+     =   CREATOR

Once that is done, any user can:

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