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I've been in, around, and through a good chunk of the internets looking for an answer to this:

I'm trying to embed a video in Facebook using the og:video tag, but despite the fact that the facebook linter keeps showing 'status: Video embedding on Facebook enabled', when it shows up in my feed, clicking on it always opens a new window instead of showing it in the video player. It does show a little play icon, but it acts like a link rather than a video.

I've tried it with an swf url that works when i hit it, i've tried it with an mp4 video, I've tried https, http, etc. My og tags are pretty much exactly like this example I see at (theres a good tutorial at

Do I need to associate it with an app (have tried that and just using my user id in fb:admins), and if so, what kind of settings do I need to set to make it show up in a video player? Do I need to set up a canvas url?

I'm using flowplayer.

Thanks for any help.

Edit: it seemed to spontaneously start working after trying for 8 hrs. Does facebook do some kind of testing/caching of the target before it allows the embed?

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yes, I'm not sure on how often..but to update facebook's cache of a specific URL, run it through the debugger (formerly URL linter) @

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Might also be SSL related. If you have secure browsing enabled on FB it will launch your video in a new window. The link of the video you are embedding with og:video is using "http" and not "https".

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