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I am using Fancy box (jquery plugin ) to view video files in my application. I have placed the plugin under vendor -> Javascripts -> javascripts.

but when I run the development server I get the following errors:

Note: I have not modified anything: I just moved the files from my desktop and placed them under vendor/javascript folder

ActionController::RoutingError (No route matches [GET] "/jquery.fancybox-1.3.4/fancybox/jquery.fancybox-1.3.4.js"):

Rendered /Users/jayparteek/.rvm/gems/ruby-1.9.2-head@default/gems/actionpack-3.1.1/lib/action_dispatch/middleware/templates/rescues/routing_error.erb within rescues/layout (0.9ms)

ActionController::RoutingError (No route matches [GET] "/jquery.fancybox-1.3.4/fancybox/jquery.fancybox-1.3.4.css"):

Rendered /Users/jayparteek/.rvm/gems/ruby-1.9.2-head@default/gems/actionpack-3.1.1/lib/action_dispatch/middleware/templates/rescues/routing_error.erb within rescues/layout (0.6ms)
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Folder jquery.fancybox-1.3.4 located in public dir? –  vladdruzh Nov 25 '11 at 5:07
Its in the Vendor/Javascripts/Fancybox –  JP. Nov 25 '11 at 6:04
Duplicate by same user — Rails 3.1.3 unable to access the file inside assets/javascripts folder –  coreyward Nov 25 '11 at 22:56

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You should use the gem 'fancybox-rails'

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