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I'm writing a traffic auditing servlet filter.

I need to query the database for every HTTP request. There is no connection pool. (I'm adding this filer to the existing application).

I created a JDBC connection object in init() method. And made synchronized methods that doing DB query. In 'doFiler()`, I call these synchronized methods 1~2 times.

Can this be big problem?

-- UPDATE --

Not a heavy loaded server. It runs on single machine. It is serving hundreds KB media files and outgoing bandwidth is 100Mbps, so maximum simultaneous users could be at most 100, I think.

I just wondering.. what's the recommended approach for servlet filters using DB connections.

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And what is the load of your application? –  madhead Nov 25 '11 at 5:35

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I'd suggest to use JNDI resource - you only need to register JDBC resource and later you may obtain the connection.

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why you want to do this in filter? just get the connection in the servlet and release it after you done with it -- it is enough for your load, and simple enough.

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