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I am trying to get the value from

IKeyValuePair<Platform::Guid,Platform:: Object>

Say for example I have Api Called SomeApi() which returns IKeyValuePair<Platform::Guid,Platform:: Object>

C++ Code:

auto res =  SomeApi();    
String ^str = res->key; // I am able to get Guid Here    

Now How to get Value from it

res->value returns object but how to know type of object and get the value from it.

if I do

String^ value =  res->value.ToString(); // this returns something else not value

Please explain me through code how can i get value from IKeyValuePair.

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Next time don't use auto and you will find out why. – watbywbarif Nov 25 '11 at 15:50

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You should cast from Platform::Object^ to the underlying type, eg:

String^ value = safe_cast<String^>(res->value);
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String^ value =  res->value->ToString();
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