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I have subclass of UIViewController which has UIWebview as a subview added. I'm trying to detect touch events on webview but failing to do so.

-(void)touchesBegan is the method which should get called.

Can anyone help me in this.

Thanks in advance.

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Detecting touches on UIWebView is not trivial.

Check this tutorial : http://mithin.in/2009/08/26/detecting-taps-and-events-on-uiwebview-the-right-way/

BTW - If you need only to detect a touch on a links or buttons and add a custom action you can do it to. look here:


Good Luck

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Make sure your UIWebView is the first responder. When you add it, use becomeFirstResponder on the web view (I've linked the documentation at Apple for you).

Also make sure becomeFirstResponder returns YES.

Lastly, make sure your view controller's UIView userInteractionEnabled property is set to YES.

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