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I have a "duration" column in an Excel sheet. Its cell format always changes — I want convert the duration from minutes to seconds, but because of the cell formatting it always gives me different answers.

I was thinking that before doing the conversion I could convert that cell format to text so that it will consider that as text value and not try to auto-format it.

Currently I am copying all data into Notepad and then saving it back to the Excel sheet to remove all of the previous format. Is there a way to automate setting a cell's formatting to text using VBA?

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"Whose Cell format always Changes"?? Please show us an example. –  Jean-François Corbett Nov 25 '11 at 7:31

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To answer your direct question, it is:

Range("A1").NumberFormat = "@"


Cells(1,1).NumberFormat = "@"

However, I suggest making changing the format to what you actually want displayed. This allows you to retain the data type in the cell and easily use cell formulas to manipulate the data.

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Well this should change your format to text.

Worksheets("SheetName").Columns(1).Select 'or Worksheets("SheetName").Range("A:A").Select
Selection.NumberFormat = "@"
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There is no need to activate or select before you change the NumberFormat - just use something like Sheets(1).Columns(1).NumberFormat = "@" –  Issun Nov 26 '11 at 4:24

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