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I am planning to implement a web application for map, direction and journey planner. But I don't have any development experience in this area. So I would like to know how I can start off. What are the most suitable databases to store map data? Is there any api that I can make use of to provide direction or plan journey? Thanks in advance.

I think I have to modify question in order to provide more details. I have searched on Stack Exchange and found out a some other questions about GIS, and I have some basic idea on implementation. Now I would like to know if there is any recommended book that covers over all implementation of a web based GIS appliction.

I am a Java developer with a few years of experience. Given my background, what kind of technology/framework/GIS server should I considered for my implementation.



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You can have a look at this MVC tutorial, NerdDinner. It is not a direction and journey planner, but an event planner with AJAX mapping support. You can take the mapping functionality and roll out your own app as per your requirements.

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