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How to write SPARQL Query to retrieve data about Tourism from DBpedia?? Can any one elaborate it( how to write SPARQL Query & what are the things i should already know to start with SPARQL), as i am completely new to this.

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An example SPARQL query for a starter can be (if you are impatient, jump to the result set):

SELECT ?uri ?txt WHERE {
              ?uri rdfs:label ?txt .
              ?txt bif:contains "Tourism" .

For a very good and gentle introduction to Semantic Web (with lots of very nice SPARQL examples) please see

And in order to learn how to integrate Semantic Web technologies into your custom software applications, this is a very good resource (with lots of example using Semantic Web APIs / toolkits such as Jena):

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You can take a look at the W3C spec W3C spec, but you also have plenty of tutorials to look online if you search for them e.g. http://www.cambridgesemantics.com/2008/09/sparql-by-example/. You also have some resources on the DBpedia site. Also plenty of end user tools, check out Visor and VisualDataWeb.org.

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