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I'm a begginer developer and I would like to know, how to create just one cell in a UIview and retain the value that I obtained from another UIView.

Example: -principalView > Here I'm going to select several values like adding an Event. -dateTimeView > Here is a view where I select date and time (this is a second view from principalView)

In the cell in principalView when I selected date and time values, I wanna pass the value from dateTimeView to principalView (specific in the cell)

Just like this > https://ipad.redlands.qld.edu.au/sites/ipad.redlands.qld.edu.au/files/images/Ipad_Support/Ipad_tips_and_tricks/calendar%20details.jpg


I'm Junior developer, please try to explain in a easier way. Thank you very much!

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Don't know if you've found the answers for your question. Starting from the bottom is pretty tough! It requires doing a lot of reading, googling and practice. I'm not going to show you the answer. However, I will give you a nudge in the right direction.

The links that you posted were to a calendar app. The layout is basically a UITableView. Click here for great tutorial on creating and managing the UITableViewController.

The calendar app quite possibly uses NSUserDefault for storing the user's settings. Click here for a tutorial on using the NSUserDefault feature.

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