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How can I check recorded track is uploaded and active for embed.

I want to show embed preview of track once it upload is done.

but I am getting 404 error from scPlayer api while resolving the url.

Is possible to track availability of track, based on that i can use sCplayer()

for resolving track.

Any help?

Thanks Peter

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I know in the /tracks resource there is a attribute called state which could be what you're looking for.

On their docs, the example value they give is finished, so maybe it would read uploading or processing before the track is ready. NB: I haven't tried this myself.

  "id": 13158665,
  "created_at": "2011/04/06 15:37:43 +0000",
  "user_id": 3699101,
  "duration": 18109,
  "commentable": true,
  "state": "finished",
  "sharing": "public",
  "tag_list": "soundcloud:source=iphone-record",
  "permalink": "munching-at-tiannas-house",
  "description": null,
  "streamable": true,
  "downloadable": true,
  "genre": null,
  "release": null,
  "purchase_url": null,
  "label_id": null,
  "label_name": null,
  "isrc": null,
  "video_url": null,
  "track_type": "recording",
  "key_signature": null,
  "bpm": null,
  "title": "Munching at Tiannas house",
  "release_year": null,
  "release_month": null,
  "release_day": null,
  "original_format": "m4a",
  "original_content_size": 10211857,
  "license": "all-rights-reserved",
  "uri": "",
  "permalink_url": "",
  "artwork_url": null,
  "waveform_url": "",
  "user": {
    "id": 3699101,
    "permalink": "user2835985",
    "username": "user2835985",
    "uri": "",
    "permalink_url": "",
    "avatar_url": ""
  "stream_url": "",
  "download_url": "",
  "playback_count": 0,
  "download_count": 0,
  "favoritings_count": 0,
  "comment_count": 0,
  "created_with": {
    "id": 124,
    "name": "SoundCloud iPhone",
    "uri": "",
    "permalink_url": ""
  "attachments_uri": ""


alternatively, there could be another value, like duration or stream_url that will read NULL until the track is ready.

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