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I am facing a problem. What I have is a written macro in VBA, which is duplicationg 1 sheet to 2 others and then synchronizes it with sharpoint list.

That list has an username column with is of the type person or group, means it is a look up field where i cant put some username which are not in the sharepoint system, but because I might be using with some old data, username which i get form an other excel sheet might be old and not exist in sharepoint but i still need to put them there and synchronize and later i need to filter that list on user with [me], which only works on person/group type field.

What i was thinking is to either check if that username which im about to put in username is in that lookup cell where im putting, but when i tried it, i couldnt retrieve that list of users with vba from that look up cell in excel.

What want to try now is to loop over the records and see if that username column has an error, namely the data validation error and if so, i'll clear that cell else i wont do anything etc.

So could anyone help me and tell how can i check if that cell has a validatio error with vba code?

Thanks in advace


As i said the column that has username is an look up field that means if you copy there a wrong value (lets say a user id that doenst exist in the sharepoint) then you get to see an error in that cell, when you hover it, it says like data validation error, because that username isnt to be found in that lookup field (in that list of values that you get to see when you click it open).

At this moment i have somehting like this:

For i = 1 To targetSheet.ListObjects(1).ListRows.Count
    If Cells(i, lastColumn).Validation.Value = False Then
        Cells(i, lastColumn).Value = ""
    End If
Next i

is it correct?

Any other help is welcome to solve this problem.

And another question #N/A in excel has any meaning, because when i am copying it to other sheets and trying to synchronize im also getting an data validation error and it says it is a text field ....

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Please show us your data and be clearer about your main question (i.e. Loop over records and check for an error? <-- but which one? How can we tell if it is on error?) – JMax Nov 25 '11 at 8:48
ok, updated post – Alnedru Nov 25 '11 at 11:56
The code you provided is a good way to handle this (you could also delete the EntireRow). What do you expect from us? To answer your second question #N/A, see… – JMax Nov 25 '11 at 13:13

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