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Is it allowed to have some process's icon to be displayed in all user sessions including terminal/multiple local logons, without spawning another process per each session? I don't need to share any windows between session, just the status icon to be able to check service's status without taking additional actions..

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Processes can only access the interactive window station and desktops in the same session as the process. So this means you need one process per session.

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It's not even possible. Shell_NotifyIcon communicates with a single instance of Explorer.EXE, the one running in the current user context.

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I know at least one program that do it - TightVNC server running as a service. You can lookup their sources to understandhow it's done.

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Can tou elaborate on how to use TightVNC? – Anubian Noob May 4 '14 at 20:23
Most likely it's a system service + autostarted (registry) icon service to all users. Your comment at least provides an example of the application which seems to work this way, so I don't agree with downvote :3 – kagali-san May 5 '14 at 13:23

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