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how do i improved this code.

select code,max(total) from
(select code,count(*) from table_1 group by code) 

The above code,not working because I try to do MAX function onto the result set from query,but failed.

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what exactly is the goal ? Is total a column from table_1 or is it the value of count(*) ? –  Yahia Nov 25 '11 at 8:20

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If you only want the number, then you can use this:

select max(total) 
from (
     select code,
            count(*) as total -- you forgot the column alias here
     from table_1 
     group by code

If you want the code and the number, use the following:

with count_result as (
     select code,
            count(*) as total
     from table_1 
     group by code
select code, 
from count_result
where total = (select max(total) from count_result);
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