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I use a navigation controller throughout my application. However, there is one screen that I wish to hide the navigation bar after the view as appeared. My problem is when I hide the navigation bar, I can't use the whole screen real estate even if my .xib in IB is setup that way. It seems that the navigationBar and the navigation toolbar space are reserved somehow.

I'm able to use the whole screen if I set the alpha of the navigationBar to 0 in viewWillAppear however I need to have the navigationBar visible when the view appears so that is not a solution.

Any tips or solutions is appreciated!



I want the nagivationbar to be "floating" on top of my MKMapView, I want to have the same effect that the have minus the transparency.

Interface Builder Hidden navigation bar End result wanted

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You can check this link – Inoka Nov 25 '11 at 8:35
Thanks for the link! However the solution is actually pushing my content up and down. I need the navigation bar to have "floating" on top of my content so showing/hidding it won't make the content move. – xidew Nov 25 '11 at 9:01

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Solved it!

The solution came from @Rengers' answer to this question.

The navigation bar will always push down the view unless it's set to be translucent.

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